10 Must-See Hyundai Commercials & Videos

Hyundai has grown into prominence over the years not just because of its endeavors to manufacture high-quality vehicles, but also because of its creative approach to marketing and advertising.At Jim Hudson Hyundai of Columbia, we narrowed down some of our favorite Hyundai commercials and videos so that you can enjoy them, too.  Let's start the countdown.
  1. Meet the Hendersons

Imagine this scenario: you’re driving along a forested hillside in Wyoming. It’s dawn, the fog billows overtop the trees. Your rocket-red Hyundai purrs as you glide around the turns.There, out from the bushes, erupts a nine-foot-tall monster, a behemoth unlike anything documented on Earth, its gray fur matted like birds’ nests. What immediately comes to mind as you swerve around the mammoth beast?“Holy crap. Is that a Sasquatch?”If I had a nickel….Check out the fan-favorite Hyundai commercial showcasing this very situation below.

  1. Don’t Open Dead Inside

Ever pondered how you’d fare in a zombie apocalypse?In collaboration with “The Walking Dead,” Hyundai crafted the ultimate undead-killing vehicle. Outfitted with flamethrowers, chainsaws, and machine guns, the Veloster Turbo ZSM in this video looks like it would get the job done in an efficient manner, to say the least.No, those are not additional features offered on the new 2017 or 2016 Hyundai models. But watch the video regardless.

  1. Space: The (Not So) Final Frontier

The vastness of the universe is mind-bogglingly… vast. But for Stephanie, the daughter of an astronaut who lives at the International Space Station, there’s only one speck of light in the night sky she cares about.With the help of a large crew, professional drivers, and 11 Hyundai Genesis sedans, Stephanie got to send a personalized and totally cool message to her father. From Houston. To space.Did we mention he lives in outer space?Watch the video and see how he responds. It’s out-of-this-world touching.

  1. Life is Not a Michael Bay Film

Some new Hyundai ads are running, and our favorite has to be this one.We’ve all seen those new and trendy “hoverboards.” You know, those two-wheeled contraptions that supposedly catch fire? No matter what TV and movies tell you, riding on top of a fireball—literally on top of a fireball! What are you, crazy?—will not end well.Stepping up from the 2016 Hyundai models, the 2017 vehicles introduced in this video are not just new and trendy, but better than you’d expect. Offering safety features such as Lane Keep Assist and Lane Departure Warning, Hyundai’s new generation of cars should be available later this year.Watch the commercial below, and be sure to check out the 2017 Hyundai models at Jim Hudson Hyundai in Columbia, SC.

  1. If Only Shaq Were There

With May comes The NBA Playoffs, and we figured you might want to get in on this.Data suggests that Kenny “The Jet” Smith was a solid NBA hooper. His two championships in the mid-90s are evidence to this claim. According to this Hyundai advertisement, however, his family seems to think otherwise.At just under two-and-a-half minutes long, the video shows Kenny getting berated by his family—constantly. And we can’t get enough of it.
Check out the video below.

  1. Smarter than the Average Car

Hyundai wants you to know that bears are curious and ultra-cuddly creatures that just happen to feast on the flesh of most any animal.New scenario: After your run-in with the Sasquatch of Wyoming, you decide to have a relaxing picnic breakfast in some hidden patch of forest. All’s great until you hear Mama and Papa Bear huffing from behind a tree. What do you do?Drop everything and let your significant other fend for themselves? Yes, that would work.An even better solution is to start your Elantra with your watch, then leave those bears eating dust and whatever’s left of that picnic meal you probably slaved over for hours.Watch the 30-second commercial below.

  1. Some Sort of Haunting, Sexy Dream

You probably saw this Hyundai commercial after the Big Super Football Game of 2016. It introduces the newest 2017 Hyundai Elantra in a potentially distracting way. That’s right. Welcome (back) to Ryanville.Before donning that red-and-black Deadpool mask and becoming the talk of the comic-book town, Ryan Reynolds somehow got transported into a “Being John Malkovich” world where he was everyone and everyone was him. No one knows how he got back to Hollywood.Confused? Just watch the commercial.

  1. Alert: Blast from the Past!

This 1990 Hyundai commercial from Korea, in all its grainy glory, is a 32-second representation of how everyone thought the future would look. Boy, were we wrong (fortunately).The commercial showcased the two-door Hyundai Scoupe’s prominent square hood, distinctive 80s-style spoiler, and…blinking turn signals. Yes, it was a doozy. But look how far we’ve come.Being one of the manufacturer’s first models, the Hyundai Scoupe is essentially a relic in 2016; you’d have better luck training a llama to dance than you would finding used car dealers near Columbia, SC, that have Scoupes in stock.Is this the best commercial ever? See for yourself.

  1. The Gunslinger Who Won’t Give Up

Speaking of predicting the future, do you remember the 2010 Hyundai commercial with Brett Favre? Yes, this one. Hyundai hit the nail on the head with this commercial by playing into then-current pop culture flawlessly. The will he/won’t he debate in Favre’s final years were headline news, and there was no way No. 4 could make it to 2020, let alone win an MVP at 50 years old. Right? Even better are the outtakes! Just watch.

  1. Why Do You Not Answer?

Sometimes our Hyundai dealership in Columbia, SC, is enveloped by a bubble wherein the rest of the world is merely forgotten. Then videos like this go ahead and pop it.North Korean transplant Kim Gu-Hyeon epitomizes the human condition in this Hyundai Motor Group video. For nearly 70 years, Mr. Kim has not been allowed to visit his home due to the unrest between North and South Korea. At 88 years old, all he wants is to visit his father and mother in his childhood house before the Korean War divided the country in two.What does Hyundai do? They build his dream from scratch, then guide him there in the only way possible. When the video shows Gu-Hyeon arriving home and asking for his mother, prepare to break out the tissues. If you’re an ugly crier, perhaps watch the video in private so no one can see your scrunched-up face—we did.

That’s it. Our ten favorite Hyundai videos. Did we leave any out?No matter which video is your favorite, one thing is for certain: Hyundai should be everyone’s favorite car manufacturer. If you live in South Carolina and need a new Hyundai vehicle or used car, come visit Jim Hudson Hyundai at 310 Greystone Blvd in Columbia, SC, to test drive your new vehicle.


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